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Want to know who caused the uproar over the Adams County Tax Reassessment? This is where you'll find it. Everything contained herein is public record and can be found by anyone interested, at the Adams County Courthouse. I publish it here for those who cannot research it themselves and present it to you free of charge for your inspection.

If there are any errors presented here, please inform me and I shall either correct them or remove them immediately upon notification and verification.

Those who initiated the the court proceedings may not be bad people so I do not condone nor encourage any retribution against them. They have however, created hardship for many others and therefore they have become of public interest. Some people have wondered who these people are, and what were their motives. I cannot answer those questions, but I can tell you what is on public record.

The people involved filed suit under the name of Fair Adams County Taxes now (FACT now). They alleged in their suit that the Adams County Property taxes were not uniform. They were probably right, as the last county reassessment was in 1990. Unfortunately, the results of this case is what we are now dealing with.

You can read the text from the Court Orders here.

The argument they posed to the Court can be found here.

The first Plaintiff is listed as:

Carolynne Seeman (listed in several court documents as wife of James M. Fox)

10 Freedom Court

Gettysburg, Pa.

The second Plaintiff is listed as:

David J Oravecz

21 Battery Ridge Dr.

Gettysburg, Pa.


Both Plaintiffs filed their litigation under the name of Fair Adams County Taxes now.


Their property records can be viewed by clicking on their names. Again, all of this information is public record at the Adams County Courthouse.


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